It’s all about Passion!

Reading and writing are my passions.
George Carlin
Back in the day, my Mom and I would take crates full of books to the book exchange to get more books. We read so many that my Mom had a small address book that we used to log our books into by Author.Today I have a Kindle reader and a Kindle Fire, and I NEVER go anywhere without them! I have read in the past 3 years, (according to my “cloud”) 448 books, which averages out to approx. 4 per month.

Lets be straight, I am not a book writer, but when I worked in the Automotive Industry, I found myself writing vast amounts of reports, procedures, and presentations, and found that I was really good at it. Now I write book reviews for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ITunes, and have never been happier! My niece decided I needed to blog…..and this is a HUGE step for me. She did an amazing job setting everything up on here, and my happiness has reached a new level, even though half the time I can’t insert an image or a link without help.

So I will keep reviewing, and writing my thoughts, and now I wonder…..How did YOU get into blogging??

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