Raw Foods Cookbook and Diet – REVIEW

Have you tried every diet known to man? Me too, but right off the bat, I’m intrigued by the amount of actual information within this book. History & Culture, Cooked vs. Raw, Processed vs. Natural.  I like being informed so that I can make a healthy lifestyle choice, instead of just jumping on the diet band wagon. A successful diet is one that changes your eating choices long term, with delicious food that you want to eat and will continue to eat long after your done thinking about “dieting”.  Don’t let the term RAW scare you, there are variations and this book focuses on food that is not cooked above 118 degrees F, and you will know what the health benefits are  and reasoning behind the food choices presented here.

Even if you’re not ready to go completely raw, this book will give you great, healthy, recipes that will help your body become healthier by simply swapping some of your high fat meals with these “raw” alternatives. For example, for breakfast try the banana nut pancakes or maybe a spicy tomato soup for lunch. There are even pasta and chili recipes for dinner, and if that doesn’t entice you, how about a chocolate brownie or strawberry pie for dessert? Yum!

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