Roots of Insight – Breeana Puttroff

I am a sucker for books that are a series of stories, like Alex Cross, or Women’s Murder Club. This series by Breeana Puttroff took me by surprise, as it is not a genre I generally seek out. After finishing Book 1 (Seeds of Discovery) I was hooked on this tale of Quinn and her discovery of a land of Castles, and Prince’s .  Now after finishing book 2, I am determined to read this whole series. Ms. Puttroff has mastered the art of ending a novel with just enough questions to send me on the hunt for the next in this series.



For a young girl, Quinn has a lot of decisions to make, and her second trip to Eirentheos to help find Williams brother has made everything even harder. How can she live in two worlds? How can she continue to lie to her Mom, her best friend, and her boyfriend? Roots of Insight will have you falling in love with the Royal family, and rooting for Quinn in her quest to balance her “real” life and the friends she has made in this magical land of Eirentheos. Her first trip was a secret to all of her family and friends, however, on this 2nd trip, in her haste to help William, she has left everyone she loves without an explanation. What will happen to Quinn when she returns home? How will she ever explain her disappearance to her Mother?  How can she go back to being “normal” when there are two Princes vying for her attention? I for one can’t wait to find out!

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