Alex Cross – Movies or Books?

Alex Cross, the worlds pre-eminent serial killer catcher………I have read all the books and came to my own conclusion what Alex, Nana Mama and the other cast of characters look like. Then the media decided to show me what they thought Alex would look like casting Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross in Kiss the Girls. Excellent! Now I have a very real visual as I continue to read this series. Then, they came out with “Kill Alex Cross” and cast a different Alex! (See trailer below)

I enjoy both the movies and the books, (I just finished the newest,  Alex Cross, Run)  and I have to say, I still think of Alex as more of a Morgan Freeman character. I am definitely a book person, and prefer to see the movie before reading the book, because lets face it, books have way more detail…..What do you think?

BOOK REVIEW – Alex Cross, Run

Love this book as much as the others. This one engages you from the beginning, with its multiple serial killers, right through to the end, when a personal mystery is still un-folding.  James Patterson is one of my favorite authors, and I love reading series of books, like Alex Cross and Women’s Murder Club. This book is fast paced, and the characters are vivid and captivating. The plot un-ravels at lightning speed and is a definite must read.


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