Does anyone read Shakespeare anymore????

A Midsummer Nights Dream-Shakespeare made clear

Enjoy this classic with the original script translated for today’s readers. This book is full of historical context, and explains in detail, the origin of Elizabethan words, phrases and dialect.  Each chapter has a summary which makes following this period piece, as easy as it is entertaining. This is real Shakespeare for today’s readers.

This is the classic story of Hermia and Lysander’s forbidden love, and Helena’s betrayal of her childhood friend.  Lose yourself in this tale of love and marriage with a little magic and humor thrown in.  The translation of this Elizabethan play is entertaining and concise, and allows the average reader to enter the world of Shakespeare.  Meet the four young Athenians as they follow their hearts, and the fairies that shake things up with their magic. You’ll be as entertained as the King of Athens, with the antics of the Mechanic’s as they prepare for a performance at the Kings wedding.

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